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Awesome job!
Posted by Daniel T. on

ya'll did amazing job on the new website, i found it really easier to get around than the old one. Keep up the great work!

Promise keepers Girls
Posted by Amy Forgie on

I keep trying to find these tickets for my daughter and I

Posted by Chris Turner on

Its ok Brant you do an awesome job on the no matter what your blogs say. :)

this show is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by nathan on

I love the show and walle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Extra Prayers
Posted by Vicky on

I just relocated my family from another city. We have left everyone and everything we have known to come to Bowling Green for a wonderful job opportunity for me. Although my new job has brought joy back into my life,My family is struggling. Prior to moving the rest of my family to BG, I had a stroke while I was driving to work. I thank God that I was able to make it there without hurting someone else. I don't remember how I got there but I'm sure God was driving that day. Although that seems a little overwhelming, the reason why I am requesting extra prayer is for my daughter Tori. She has multiple disabilities and is losing her ability to walk and talk. She is struggling but I actually witnessed when she was four (and before we knew all the problems she would struggle with in her life), her peace with God. I was kneeling next to her when she was blessed. When I saw her face as that happened I knew in the deepest part of my heart that she was one with God. I was in awe of my daughter and the peace that seemed to settle around her. Although we are struggling finanacially my daughter and I donated a monthly pledge yesterday - I wish it could be more. But now I am asking for those that pledge money or even those who don't but lister please add an extra prayer for my daughter. Thank you for this wonderful station, I found it about 4 weeks ago and have not changed the station since then.

Casting Crown Concert
Posted by Dona Kahl on

Thank you for supporting this awesome concert. I took 3 teenage girls and it was such a pleasure to hear such good music praising our Lord. We bought the Crowns new CD and every song on the CD is a hit and sends a powerful message. The youth at my church, Fountain Run First Baptist loves the new song "I am my own worst enemy", I think we listened to it at least 10 times Sunday night on our way to a church event. Again thank you.

Loved Geoff Moore
Posted by Hannah on

Hey guys! Love this station! Hope y'all are doing good! Y'all should really consider playing Loved by Geoff Moore sometime, it's a GREAT song! Thanks! :)

Posted by Name on


Posted by Andrew on

This station has changed my life. That's all I can say.

tobymac city on our knees santus real
Posted by caleb holt on

sometimes i lay i bad at 10:00 pm and wait a long time buyt either of those songs com on so i turn of the radio and go to sleep i wonder when you are going to play the 2 songs

such an inspiration to me
Posted by Cathy Harper on

I have met the most awesome man, Mark, and he has opened my eyes , ears, and heart to your radio station !! I listen to it every day, in the car, going to class !! You guys are SO AWESOME !!! God Bless You All !!! :)

Posted by Cathy Harper on

I have the most awesome man, Mark, and he has opened up my eyes, ears, and heart to your radio station !! You guys are SO AWESOME !!! God Bless You All !!! :)

Posted by MICHELLE on

Hi, this is gonna sound silly I know, but my family and I were traveling thru Bowling Green a few weeks ago, and in scanning the stations, we heard a song and we are searching frantically for it! I am not even sure if it was this station, but it was on Sunday 2/12/12 around 350 or 355pm. It was not really a rap, but the guy singing didn't really sing, but spoke the lyrics. It was about Jesus and why would he die, not really sure of the words but it was awesome! If you could let me know, (if you can go back that far) it would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks! Michelle from St. Louis

Posted by Dale on

Wally, I love to listen to your show, all of Way broadcasts. I heard your comments on what people worry about and was reminded of one of my favorite versus, 1 Peter 5:7, Casting all your care upon Him: for he careth for you. Dale

music that moves me
Posted by Suzette on

As I was driving home, the last two songs I heard on Way FM really impacted me. God always manages to reach me somehow and he did with those songs. Last night a young lady who was only 13 years old took her life. Her sister is my daughter's good friend and it has just made my heart hurt so much today. I can't imagine how alone she must have felt to be driven to such an action. She is another victim of bullying at school. The song Strong enough was on just before I came in the house and it made me think of how her sister and her family must be feeling. I hope they are able to look up and reach up to God for their help to get them through this. Please take a moment to pray for the Boone family and all the young people dealing with seeminly overwhelming struggles throughout their day. I wish they could see into the future to know it can get better and there is a God in heaven that loves them when they feel no one else does....please pray for them all. Thank you.

song played on Sunday night
Posted by June Dean on

While traveling home ot Louisville from Nashville Sunday night, a song was played to the tune of "Devli's in the house of the rising sun" but the lyrics were Christian. What is the name of that song and who is it by? Thanks.

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